The e-commerce platform - B2B and B2C - is developed using the current programming and design technologies, aiming to harmonize the requirements and characteristics of the client. We all know the quote from Field of Dreams: "Build it and they will come."



Software Development

Developing web solutions tailored according to the needs of your company or your business, with the possibility of centralizing information in a single platform. Applications written in various web development frameworks.


Marketing Strategy 

The Izzato holds the essential know-how to define a marketing strategy. Using Adwords campaigns, Email Marketing, Lead Capture and Website Optimization - SEO, powering the positioning of your company in the top search results.


Some of Our Featured Products

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Our Happy Customers

Oscar Estores

     I want to thank the whole team for their exceptional work in the development of our company website,www.oscarestores.com
     The marketing strategy assembled from advertising campaigns on Google to the e-mail marketing, was a success and spawned endless contacts that converted into sales. Thank you again.

YDENTIK Perfume Bar Concept

    On behalf of www.ydentik.com want to thank the whole team for their excellent work Izzato and the solid foundation of knowledge. 
    The online platform management, simplified the whole logistics process and created an effective channel of communication with our franchisees.

Bluf Shoes

    Magnificent and professional work that Izzato made ​​through our website, www.blufshoes.com. Was the basis of understanding simple and definitely built a catalog of products as intended in-hands.

Marketing Strategy

Want to move your number of visitors of "Interested" to "Actual Sales"?

Software Development

Customization and development by experienced programmers.


Magento eCommerce Desenvolvimento e Design.

Vídeo Production

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand sales.

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