The hike is considered something of a rite of passage among Norwegians, for whom hiking is a way of life. Posted by 2 days ago. The cut scnene's. In order to keep everyone safe, we will be hosting multiple staggered hikes at select parks on Saturdays in January and February. The Waterkloof Trail is the longer of two day hikes starting from Naukluft Camp, a 25-minute drive southwest of Buellsport in the Namib Naukluft National Park. Any recommendations on Winter Thru hikes? Besseggen is definitely one of the most famous hike and mountain ridges in Norway! The Jotunheimen mountains is a massive mountain area in Eastern Norway, covering an area of roughly 3,500 square kilometres. Hiking from Memurubu, getting off the ferry the hike starts quite steep for the first hour or so. I'm from the Bay Area. Norway 2008 winter hike in Jotunheimen, part 2. 36 comments. and Glittertind (2,464 m a.s.l.) In the old days the roads were used by horse and carriage, as well […] Join the around 60 000 yearly other hikers and hike the Besseggen ridge! share. 1/6. hide. Things may look a little different this year, but it’ll still be an un-brrr-lieveably good time! Then it levels off until you get to the ridge. Jotunheimen National Park offers ski touring from magnificent peaks with accomplished guides that are specialised in winter tourism. During the hike, you will scale three peaks, totaling over 2,000 meters in height! Dating back to the 1790’s, the 100 km long royal route was built by hand by thousands of workers, forming the main road between Oslo and Bergen during the 18th and 19th century. Besseggen hike. The Jotunheimen Mountains are a place of superlatives. The mountain range is Norway’s most popular national park.. Translating to the “home of the giants,” they are the highest mountains in Norway and Northern Europe, Jotunheimen National Park is the country's most visited, and the Besseggen Ridge is the country's most popular day hike. Local food is a part of the experience when visiting Lom and Jotunheimen. Make sure to follow the trail markers, to help prevent more erosion and preserve the area. Looking for 200+ miles or so. Join in the Winter Hike Series for challenging hikes, ranging in distance from 4–5.5 miles at different Great Parks. The hiking season is so short because of the snowfall, which makes skiing one of the most popular activities in the park. - the most spectacular hike in the Jotunheimen. Since you guys liked it, here's more from last year's hike in Jotunheimen, Norway. This trip is among the more sought-after hikes in Jotunheimen. The most iconic hikes in Jotunheimen are Besseggen (1,743 m a.s.l.) West Coast would be ideal, but not essential. Skiing in Jotunheimen. In Jotunheimen, hiking Besseggen will sure be a memorable day. Galdhøpiggen (2,469 m a.s.l.) At the top of Besseggen, stunning views awaits you. In 2010, sherpas (mountain experts) renovated the trail because of increased erosion. The astounding views of the Besseggen ridge make a perfect stop for lunch or a … The King’s Road is a journey through history. 1.1k. save. – the latter two are Norway’s highest mountains. 1.2k. The spectacular view with Gjende and Bessvatnet separated with just the small mountain ridge is breathtaking even for the most traveled hiker. Jotunheimen National Park in the middle of Norway is an excellent area for hiking in the summer time, and for skiing and skimounaineering during spring and winter time. The Norwegian kitchen is based on long and lasting traditions using produce from the surrounding areas. Before embarking on this 17km anticlockwise circuit, one should report at campsite reception for safety reasons and a rough hand drawn map of the circuit. Attach your skis and enjoy the adrenaline kick as you soar down the mountain side. report.