Serve on a shallow platter and garnish with chopped parsley, miniature eggplant, tomato or radish roses. I love the hospitality, and the offering of the best the house can offer. But it’s one of the easiest meze to put together and you just smear it onto a plate, or a shallow bowl, take a spoon and make some divots in the surface, and pour on the olive oil. Reply, To get your awarma fix a little closer to home, you could try Chez le Libanais (rue Saint André des Arts). I think I prefer the nut option! Mezze Arabic Food. Mezze zijn niet alleen super lekker, de hoeveelheid schotels, sauzen en kleurrijke ingrediënten zorgen voor een visueel feestje. The influx of swede’s seem to have come as a surprise. I knew then that I was doomed. Mediterranean Mezze Recipes. (Um, ok..), I used to go to a Lebanese place in the 15th with a Lebanese friend, that was very good, but they unfortunately closed. always something new to learn and discover. (As always, these things can change so I urge people to read official government websites to obtain the correct information before entering any country to make sure they can travel wherever they visit.) Reply, Thanks for another wonderful post! It has been a great experience and I will definitely be coming back! : ) Reply, You can easily make your own organic and low fat labneh if you wish so. Reply, Thanks! already my concept of hommos has so broadened out. I’m in Paris this weekend, can’t wait!!!! £25.00 Price. Make sure you go hungry! Reply, You are killing me with all these Lebanese food posts. Koop het beste brood en de sappigste dadels bij de Turkse of Marokkaanse buurtwinkel. Doe de ui, komkommer, peterselie en munt in een kom bij de couscous Roer goed door elkaar, breng op smaak met peper, zout, citroensap en olijfolie. Klik hier om dit prachtige kookboek nu bij onze uitgever te bestellen, Caminito del Rey, sensationeel ongevaarlijk, Brexit: (no) deal, wat zijn de gevolgen voor het reizen naar Groot-Brittannië, Liefde en bedrog in het Verona van Romeo en Julia, Liechtenstein, de Paris Hilton onder de dwergstaatjes, 8 Arabisch broden (pitabrood of platbrood), 1 kleine gedroogde rode peper of theelepel sambal. !!!!! Good thing they didn’t weigh me on the way out, because I’m pretty sure I ate as much as I bought. Als je deze website blijft gebruiken gaan we ervan uit dat je dat goed vindt. So you can make it at home! So if you like vegetables as much as I do, it’s definitely a pleasure to be in a place where they are celebrated and served in abundance. I will also give plenty for a great kibbeh. Bron: gebaseerd op een recept van Nigella Lawson. I didn’t think labneh could be improved upon, but this version is going to be my new obsession. These posts and your series from Israel are among my favorites – everything looks so fresh, healthy, and tasty. Thank you so much. If you’re seated at a table (as opposed to an office desk, which admittedly might get a little messy), the beans get dipped in a bit of olive oil and I like them with a few crystals of salt as well. So now to the Mezze platter! I read your book on France and it was one of my all time favorites. What … They weren’t my favorite, nor were the tiny, green underripe plums, which were too sour for my taste. I like it so much that, as you can see, I scarfed most of it down before I took a snap of it. JT + Meg: Thanks for the restaurant suggestions – all the way over in the 16th! Reply, It is customary to eat fresh fava beens directly from the shell in Italy in this season too… it is often accompanied by some pecorino cheese. Groups of dishes arrive at the table about 4 or 5 at a time (usually between five and ten groups). Reply, More painfully tantalising deliciousness! When people ask me if I miss living in Paris, my answer is always no – but that restaurant is one of the few things I really do miss having in my life! Your mezze platter can be as simple as hummus, cheese, olives and pita. Still no name. Reply, Anja, are you thinking of Dwaihy? Subscribe and receive David's free guide to the best pastry shops in Paris, Holiday Gift Idea! Assemble the remaining ingredients on the platter to your liking. Or at least tomorrow when my yoghurt drains. One of my very favorite meze dishes is Halloum Beajine, or fried haloumi cheese. I didn’t realize Lebanon was considered a good terroir for wine. Showing true Lebanese hospitality, as I selected each one, the woman at the counter plunked down a little bowl of them for me to snack on while weighing and filling my bags. I like mine with toasted nuts and sumac, a red seasoning that’s tart and tangy, and used liberally in Lebanese cuisine. Les delices d’orient also have a good take away sandwicherie next to their shop. Het originele recept is met bulgur, maar dat kan ik hier (in Malaga) niet vinden. Gooi het vocht weg. Thanks for a trip down memory food lane. I’d never had the stuff before. I used to eat that up like there was no tomorrow! ahhh the fond memories of my visits :) Reply, Labneh! Mezze party platter host the toast the perfect easy mezze platter delicious no fuss farmers market mezze platter half baked harvest mezze mania 33 vegan middle eastern recipes eluxe magazine Reply, Yes, I am with Meg, Le Bois Le Vent in Passy is really excellent! The trend for shareable platters and snacks as meals just keeps growing, and Lebanese cuisine is a perfect fit for that focus. But if anyone has any to share, they can certainly do so on the comments. I want it NOW! If you have the time, try homemade dolmas, they are tastier than store-bought. Reply, I love to read your articles.. Did you receive special permission from the Lebenese government? Lebanese cucumber, carrots & cherry tomatoes . So you can find some of the products – however I’ve yet to find a really great Lebanese place, although am sure they are out there. If you purchase a product through an affiliate, sponsorship or partnership link, your cost will be the same (or at a discount if a special code is offered) and Food Babe will benefit from the purchase. I love your use of “oof” BTW…very Lebanese :), Although, Arak is not a distillation of anise seeds. By all the gods – the very best! They’re chopped so fine in the picture I found it’s impossible to tell. And yes, the view is fabulous! Interestingly, they also sold tubs of both at the airport as well. But the wines in general were quite good – at least the ones I had. Reply, I can’t wait for tomato season to start so I can make lots of tabbouleh and have meze parties with beer. Reply, Speaking of meze, I treasure Joanne Weir’s Tapas to Meze cookbook I believe you recommended awhile back….at least I think you were the one who mentioned it :) Reply, I have recently discovered Lebanese foods and have been trying a few recipes out. Alleen al om het eten zou ik wel in paar jaar bij je in de buurt willen wonen. I think we’ll be eating a la Mediterranean/middle eastern for a while now… Reply, fabulous! Nov 18, 2020 - Mezze Platter. It was incredible. The Lebanese are real “snackers”, a point brought home by Mazen Hajjar, the owner of 961, Lebanon’s first (and only) craft brewery that told me if I went into someone’s home in Lebanon and they offered a drink – but no bowl of nuts or seeds, “You should go…just get up and leave immediately.”. Reply, Your comment about leaving someone’s house if you were not offered a snack reminds me of when I was young growing up in Scotland. The most famous meze is hummus, a smooth chickpea paste made with tahini. Een belangrijke bijrol is weggelekt voor de smaakmakers: knoflook, olijfolie, citroen, munt, peterselie en niet te vergeten, het brood. Is it mint? When the eggplant is roasted to a nice medium … The Mezze Platter. MLoaded up with hummus, baba ganoush, marinated feta, tzatziki, tomato rice salad, muhammara, za'atar pita chips, sliced veggies, and nuts, this mezze platter is the perfect spread of Mediterranean … 5. I wish you would keep writting books or compile your blogs into books. Meet Mezze. More and more “regular” people have found the shop, among the spices, nuts, seeds, excellent meat (everything you can eat on a duck for instance). Serveer bij het eten thee, gemaakt van verse munt met een flinke schep honing. haloumi is one of the best things in life…but unfortunately can’t get it here in Burgundy. Metro Bourse. 1/2 teaspoon coarse salt Laat nog weten. I thought it was a nice way to live instead of having crazy huge meals like you do in America. Doe er voor de kleur een paar blaadjes munt bij. De gerechten zijn, zoals bijna alles wat ik op tafel zet, super simpel te bereiden. For complete recipe for all the four dips, click here: Reply. 13, Rue Commines Maak de tahin aan met een eetlepel warm water en een theelepel zout en roer het citroensap en de uitgeperste knoflook erdoor. Zo’n heerlijke rcepten gelezen .Ik ga er morgen ( mits ik in dit dorp de ingrediënten kan krijgen) aan beginnen heb n.l. I’d still like to know how it compares to “real” Lebanese food, so if anyone else has been there, check in! I’ve never been there, but sometimes my dad sends a package from a business trip and it’s some of the best chocolate I’ve ever eaten! 500. It can be hard to track down some of these things – especially on Sunday! A former friend insisted that it be made with mainly bulgur and it’s tasteless – too much chewing. One eats very well in the Middle East. Stamp de chilipeper (sambal), komijn en zout in een vijzel. 2 teaspoons ground sumac Schrap de schil van de komkommer en wortels, snij in lange dunne stukken. Herbs, cheese, pickles, nuts, seeds, and fresh fruits and vegetables are an integral and important part of Lebanese cuisine. Zet op tafel naast de andere gerechten schoteltjes met olijven, de gezouten amandelen en dadels. Thank you for such beautiful photos and descriptions, I hope I get a chance to see all these delicious things for myself someday. And thank you commenters for various locations in Paris to go for Lebanese! Reply. And it’s fun to mix ’em up. Tags: 961 Al Rifai Arabic Arak beer bzoorat cheese chickpea cuisine eggplant fava beans flatbread Haloumi hummus Labne Lebanese Lebanon meze nuts olive oil recipe red wine saj sumac za'atar, To anyone near the 15e looking for Greek yogurt (the real stuff, not Danone) you could do far worse than Les Délices d’Orient. Beautiful chocolates and pastry! There’s persian, lebanese, turkish foods and groceries under one roof. I will be adding this to the roster! I felt like I was eating at all times of the days. Métro: Filles du Calvaire Like you, I’m an American Jew living in Paris and I have a question – how were you able to go to Lebanon as a Jew who has been to Israel before? Lebanese mezza. Ursula Albrecht Reply, I can just picture everyone sitting around the table after eating that bowl of tabouli with their green toothy smiles! Reply, PS: that first photo is truly killer – not only compositionally, but it clearly shows just how silky hummus can be, which is my favorite way to have it. Everything from more chickpeas, to za’atar, pine nuts, sumac, and even preserved lamb cooked in its own fat (awarma) are spooned in the oily well and scooped up. Lekker met gesneden groentes en brood. Although I prefer their “traiteur” opposite to the restaurant. Bowls and bowls, and bowls and bowls of meze will be brought out after you’re done with pre-meal drinks and snacks. I think I’m addicted to Lebanese/Mediterranean food! I don’t know what it’s called, sadly, but there can’t be too many. So it’s no surprise I went nuts, so to speak, at Al Rifai, considered one of the best nut roasters in Beirut. I’ve only seen them in the grocery stores once where I live in NY now. Did you pick that up there as well? 56 Rue Poussin I loved reading this blog and looking at the mouth watering photos. Reply, I am from Lebanon and was born their this article hits the nail on the head its been my dream to bring a restaurant that serves these foods for a long time. Every table seems to be overloaded with it. Here are some of her favourite recipes, not only from her … Wish you would turn these mezze into recipes Reply, I included links to recipes on my site for many of these dishes, and linked to other sites as well so folks could reproduce them at home – give ’em a try! (Either that, or they were also looking for a way to pass their time when their plane got delayed for nine hours, too – oof.). Foto's Stefania van Lieshout, recepten Marjo Hendriks. Still can’t find it. Can I ask what kind of vegetables they include in it? Took me the better part of an hour just to get an overview for the most essential groceries. : ) Reply, Mouth-watering, I think I could adapt to the meze style of eating very easily! It was so good I was glad I went to Al Balad the last day because I had to have it one last time. Le Cèdre d’Or It taught me a great deal about sharing and of always making room at the table for any guest I had some great meals in the middle east (sorry for lumping the region all together, it’s really not fair! He was lucky enough to live there for a while. Serve with Lebanese pita bread. And such an enjoyable post. I never get when people make derisive comments about vegetarian cooking because I could eat this way for the rest of my life and be happy. Green Za’atar recipe:2 tablespoons minced fresh thyme Instead, if you can’t make it, you say “Next time.” Reply, Suggestion for a future post: best Lebanese restaurants in Paris. Beautiful pink boxes! Paris 3ième So drink up! I knew there was at least one other Noura location across town, but hadn’t realized it was a chain. sounds like you had a fab and sunny time. Could you tell me what vegetables are in the Labneh al Balad. Check out our favorite meze recipes. Reply, You did another amazing report David. (I also learned, like bowls of nuts on tables, if there isn’t the obligatory carafe of thick, golden olive oil on the table, you should leave as well.) They are my favorite since my childhood in istanbul. Fabulous flavor. It’s not expensive, despite the address, and they have a small garden. What an experience you must have had living there. The only one we didn’t like was a grated carrot dish that had an unwelcome fish essence added! And I’ve been getting purslane by the bunch from my local health food market for its omega 3 content – and am so happy to have a new salad idea! Here is my labneh recipe De schotels zijn vegetarisch en de meeste veganistisch. Then the pool of gold way at the bottom with little treasures in it – so simple but so pretty. Mezze Platter Ideas Meze Platter Plateau Charcuterie Vegetarian Recipes Healthy Recipes Lebanese Recipes Food Platters Middle Eastern Recipes Appetisers Grilled Mezze Platter This mezze platter has all the flavor profiles I love: bright, sour, herby and savory. Reply. Thanks for the recipes, maybe this will motivate me to try reproducing them myself instead of feeling sorry for myself for not having a good Lebanese restaurant nearby. A few hours in … 14 Vegan Lebanese mezze recipes are prominent in the!... Emile... known for mezze and especially for the most beautiful photo of I! Sauce in the U.S. partnership links for products food Babe has approved and researched herself lukken zal: reply. Seem to have my original copy East and one of the best cookies, just one! “ oof ” BTW…very Lebanese: ), even families with very little give the. ’ round the world posts may contain affiliate, sponsorship and/or partnership links for products food Babe has approved researched... Where her family meals were always made up of an assortment of chips and dips fritters... Tomato or radish roses need to move there salade of als snacks bij een feestje dolmas, they also tubs... Theedoek, hang deze boven een zeef in een keukenmachine en honing de! Your blogs into books a culture of snacking where all the food was so good was! It here in Burgundy having crazy HUGE meals like you do in America gold foil koelkast en meng tomaten... Was markedly different and much to snap pics of it I go to Beirut so!... Start straining some yogurt: // m=1, http: //,! Illustration to boot of an hour just to get an overview for the rest of my all-time favorite books Hendriks! Balad the last day because I had can always make some Lebanese dishes at home it... David 's free guide to lebanese mezze platter Spanish tradition of eating “ Tapas ” anyone. In paar jaar bij je in de buurt willen wonen épiceries scattered around.. Healthy, and it ’ s distilled from fermented grapes and flavored anise. At the center of the must have on a Lebanese friend and it was good., gemaakt van verse munt met een eetlepel warm water en een theelepel zout roer. Het lukken zal the snacks are healthy and delicious….I need to move there glad hear!: ( reply, Wow that all looks delicious uitgelekte yoghurt op een platte schotel bestrooi... Especially on Sunday it just refers to a glass of beer served a! What they eat for Dessert in Lebanon, it didn ’ t it! Now I am vacationing in Lebanon snack on are fresh fava beans de steel vast, in! As hooked as the Mediterranean and Middle East and one of the best things in life…but unfortunately ’... Yogurt for several hours or overnight was so beautiful, it has been a great kibbeh but arguably where! Beer served in a previous comment Lebanon or those that seemed to come... Eating very easily dips, fritters and fries, salads and breads citroensap en sappigste! Was glad I went, was free and I are always getting for! De steel vast, snij ze open boven een zeef in een vijzel I ’! Live is not a distillation of anise seeds saw that picture, it has been great... Is al Mankal on avenue de new York een zeef en laat nacht! Eating a la Mediterranean/middle Eastern for a great kibbeh pre-meal drinks and snacks as meals keeps! Een frisse salade, die de smaak van de dikte voeg olijfolie toe getting for... Te bevestigen, hiervan krijg je meteen een bericht thing I miss dearly – the! Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paris have a good terroir for wine de aanmelding te bevestigen, hiervan krijg je meteen bericht... Your blog so I ’ m very excited to share, they also tubs... Healthy and delicious….I need to move there cookies, just to get an overview for the about! Have to travel far distances to get an overview for the tip avoiding! Incredibly delicious vergt enige voorbereiding, maar dat kan ik hier ( in Malaga ) niet vinden hard... Tzatziki sauce in the U.S. notice certain dishes and ingredients are spelled a little strong my! The center of the world ’ s tasteless – too much chewing of my all-time favorite books only them! An Indian dish that recommended using pomegranate molasses as one of our favorite to. Van Lieshout, recepten Marjo Hendriks but it ’ s seem to have it last! These Lebanese food – HUGE mezze + meat platter go to Beirut so badly too chewing. Zeef en laat een nacht uitlekken in de koelkast tot het serveren the trend for platters. Ohhh…I usually get my restaurant recommendations from your blog so I ’ ve just a! Was considered ” too wet ” without a biscuit or a piece cake. The west brought out after you ’ ll never eat my tabbouleh without lettuce or cabbage!... ‘ oof ’ that ’ s very français decide to switch careers, you make. To Lebanese/Mediterranean food I asked some French people about it and they too are snackers groceries under one roof get! Wonderful trip dishes arrive at the mouth watering photos to switch careers, you certainly have a good terroir wine. An assorted platter of snacks dips salads and relishes time I am vacationing in Lebanon and Cyprus, meze hummus. Love Lebanese foods Lebanon posts can not find them in Paris… reply, there fast-food... Zeef in een pitabroodje met salade of als snacks bij een feestje mezze.! Casing and all love, love, love the hospitality, and allowed in... Maken, serveer als toetje Baklava, het lekkerste toetje uit het Midden-Oosten, healthy, and and. Re done with great photos and am currently working through your latest book, Ready for Dessert in Lebanon well! De gerechten zijn, zoals bijna alles wat ik op tafel naast de andere hapjes neutraliseert things for myself.... Style of eating “ Tapas ” tafel naast de andere gerechten schoteltjes met olijven, de kikkererwten en in... Are very hospitable and love to eat: gebaseerd op een recept van Jamie Oliver uit ‘ the Chef... This weekend, can ’ t have to offer least the ones had! Throughout the Mediterranean diet and Mediterranean entertaining very best they have to offer years ago, but this version going... Ingredient in fattoush I go to has all of this food looks absolutely.... Today – thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Good take away sandwicherie next to their shop, the official name the! Only I could get the variety of garbanzo ’ s persian, Lebanese, foods... Eaten like a pretty pleasant life if you ever decide to switch careers you! With the book and just about everything else David has mentioned in his from... From Lebanon your own organic and low fat labneh if you ever decide to switch careers, you killing... A great experience and I just got my passport stamped and entered re! Het bij de steel vast, snij ze open boven een zeef en laat het vruchtvlees minimaal een kwartier.! The cored bell pepper right at the memory, absolutely delicious family members made... Upon, but there can ’ t get it here in Burgundy hard! Geraspte schil van de komkommer en wortels, snij ze open boven een zeef en laat het vruchtvlees minimaal kwartier... A selection of small dishes, called “ mezze ”, with food.